Thursday, 18 August 2011

Spain Report - Chapinería - August 2011

Greetings from Spain:

Although posted in August, this is actually the delayed report from May. Preparing for the summer camps has taken priority over the translation of this report.

We are at the start of the summer here in Spain, and the hot weather is very much felt in Madrid. It is a rather
dry heat that reminds you of the semi-dessert type of weather that is common during these months in this area of
Spain. In spite of this, there are a lot of outreach activities we are planning for this time that cannot be carried out in
the Winter: Summer camps, retreats, Street evangelism, men´s and women´s meetings. We covet your prayers in
this regard.
Missions Conference in Rota:
During the last two days of April (29th. And 30th.) and the first Sunday in may (1st.) I had the opportunity to
preach at a very successful missions conference held by the Iglesia Bautista Fe de Rota. This church is pastored by
Mexican missionary Leobardo Rodríguez. The church is located in the province of Cadiz, in southern Spain. The
Rodriguez family are missionaries sent out by the Iglesia Bautista Bíblica from San Luis Potosí, in Mexico, where
brother Luis Ramos is the senior pastor. The Iglesia Bautista Fe de Rota used to support only two missionaries
before the conference, but now they are supporting six with 50,00 € each, Praise God! We are having fellowship
with them and trying to work together in some projects even though they are at the southern most province of Spain.
8th. Church Anniversary:
On Sunday, May 8th. We held our 8th. Anniversary as a church here in Sierra Oeste. Our special speaker was
brother José Luis Briones. He heads up an evangelistic ministry called DECISIÓN. This ministry supports local
churches in evangelistic efforts both in Spain and abroad. Brother José Luis and his brother in-law , José Pablo
Sánchez also work in producing and broadcasting a TV program called “Tiempo de Creer” which is aired every
Sunday on RTVE1, a national TV Channel. We had a record assistance with 7 new visitors. Some of them were
Valentín Panadero Robles y his cousin José Luis Rodríguez Robles, the former mayor of Chapinería. The Lord has
given us opportunities to share the gospel with very influential people in our city. After the service we shared a
meal together with all of the attendants and we had the chance to share the gospel on a more personal way. Since
local elections were about to be held in a few days, we took the opportunity to pray for José Luis Rodríguez, who
was one of the candidates to mayor of Chapinería. We prayed following the instruction in the Bible so “...that we
may lead a quiet and peaceable life...” Our prayer is that they too can come to the saving knowledge of our Lord
Jesus Christ!
Evangelism Summit:
As part of our commitment to continuous personal growth, my son Eliseo and I attended The first Evangelism
Summit held in Peñiscola, near Barcelona. The purpose of the Summit was to serve as a forum where we could of
the work that is currently being in different parts of Spain with different levels of success. The Lord blessed us
greatly with encouragement and new strategies for the ministry where God has placed us. During these days, my son
Eliseo and I had a time for resting, praying and seeking God´s direction for our ministries. We have a few new
projects with the home groups and the discipleship ministry in our church. We are already training some of the men
in our church to learn how to preach and share the word of God.
Salvation prayer needs:
Please pray for Antonio González y Diana Barroso and their kids Jonatán and María. Also, for Silvia
Rodriguez, Valentín Panadero, Luis García, Michel, and Pedro. For Inocencio and Patria Diez. For the different
evangelistic outreach activities during July and August. You will find enclosed a few pictures of some of the
activities of this past month. For more pics, please go to Facebook (spainconnection), to Tribuna Internacional, a
CBBM web portal and to our church website:
Also Flickr:

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Worship - True Worship

Why do we worship? If you do not know then you will probably not worship.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Worship - Worship as one

True worship occurs when we worship as one. The first worship band in history was led by the drummer, Asaph.