Sunday, 26 August 2012

Walking on Water

Jesus was 100% focused on his mission. We are easily distracted. It is time to walk on water.

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Friday, 24 August 2012

Tomas & Rosa August 2012 update

Dear brothers received warm greetings from the mission field that the Lord has entrusted to us in Spain. We send a new newsletter. We are trying to short stories and entertaining with the most important news of the day.

We ask for your prayers for the "Missions Month" A missionary evangelistic activity in which we try to reach souls with the gospel and renew our missionary vision. Also for the withdrawal of men and youth activities in September and October, and the Christmas program.

For the salvation of Monica, Richard, Joseph, Cynthia, Anais, Felipe and his family, Jesus and his family, Stephen and his family.

For the work of the new work in Boadilla, especially our son Elisha, who is a missionary sent from our church.

For new and greater economic support, the costs increase and income stays the same. The new challenges of our ministry we need more precarious economy. Costs have risen sharply in Spain and no new taxes.
Thanks in advance,

Tomás y Rosa Gómez